Silent Run launched in Betsafe Casino Red

silentrunSilent Run, a new slot machine from NetEntertainment, is now available for play in Betsafe Casino Red.

The official premiere date is May 7, but Betsafe has been allowed to do a pre-launch of the the game. This way, the game can be tested by real players before it starts rolling out to a wider audience. All that’s required to engage in real money gambling at Silent Run is an account with Betsafe. The game is available to anyone who visits Betsafe Casino Red, not just VIP-members.

Silent Run is a World War II themed slot focusing on the submarines and war ships of the Pacific Ocean. The graphics, animations and sound effects all contribute to the feeling of being inside a submarine in hostile waters. One of the many interesting features of this game is the interactive bonus round where you use torpedoes to sink enemy ships and get rewarded accordingly.

Silent Run is also equipped with a very interesting wild symbol. The wild symbol uses sonar to located other, hidden, wild symbols on the reels, making it even easier for you to form winning combinations.