Niklas Heinecker scores another big win in April

Back in 2013, no other poker player was even remotely as successful as Niklas Heinecker, who took the nosebleed limits by storm. He ended up winning millions of dollars and his expectations for 2014 were equally high and so far he is on track to repeat his performance. The month started a bit slow but action picked up speed in the last few weeks, with April being the best month yet.

Niklas HeineckerIn the first week he already won $1.4 million and the best part is that the German didn’t win all the money in one session, but instead scooped equal amounts over the course of several days. This is good news because it proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is a constant player and the profits are not the result of a lucky streak. Given the fact that he competes at the highest stakes, it comes as no surprise that Niklas is bound to be pit against some of the best players in the world, such as Phil “Polarizing” Ivey.

The two of them spent a lot of time at the tables, but at the end of three different sessions, Ivey had to settle for a loss of almost $300k. Phil is an accomplished player, capable of giving opponents a run for their money at virtually any game, but he took a leap of faith by sitting down at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. By venturing into Heinecker’s realm and  challenge the German at the game he is best at, he started with the second chance and the consequences were easy to predict.

Ivey was not the only one who tried to end Niklas’ streak, with Viktor Blom, Gus Hansen, samrostan, thecortster and PostflopAction. Making similar attempts. None of them were successful and one by one sat out with less money than they started, but some of them were luckier at different tables. Hac Dang for example won $250,000 playing a single 8-Game table while Kyle Ray was just as successful at his favorite FLO8 games

The difference between the aforementioned players is that Dang squandered a significant part of his profits, while KPR16 didn’t falter and took home all the money made. Ben Tollerene who uses the screen name Bttech86 played $500/$1000 CAP PLO poker and did very well, because at the end of the day he was $100,000 richer. The only player who shifted from one table to the other and still managed to stay profitable was trex313, whose $162,000 collected, made him the third most successful poker player in the first week of April.